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How to become Certified - Your Guide

What are the application steps to acquire certification?

There is a step-wise process for applying to have your product or service certified asthma & allergy friendly™:

  • Step 1 – Review the RELEVANT STANDARDS  to determine if your product/service fits within our criteria and performance standards.
  • Step 2 – Click HERE to begin the application process.
  • Step 3 – Complete and submit all product/service, forms, materials and supporting documentation requested by our laboratory
  • Step 4 – Your product/service is scientifically assessed either in the laboratory or in-the-field for compliance with the  appropriate suitability criteria and performance standards
  • Step 5 – Once your product has been tested, we will be determined if your product/service meets our standards. If so, you become eligible for Certification.
  • Step 6 – Complete contracts for Certification.

Then, congratulations, your product is certified.

How long does the certification process take?

The process timeline varies depending on the type of product/service being tested. On average, the application process usually takes 5 months for all the steps outlined above.

How can I use the asthma & allergy friendly™ certification mark?

Once your product is Certified, you may display the asthma & allergy friendly™ mark on your product, packaging as well as in your advertising and promotions.

How long will my product be certified?

Certification runs for as long as the Certification contract is valid. Also regular audit and compliance review for each product occurs to determine if the product remains eligible for Certification.