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Cleaning Products Mark WebsiteNon-disinfecting hard surface cleaning products that are certified asthma & allergy friendly™ are tested according to ASP:09-01. The certification process uses an algorithm of proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess cleaning products for their impact on allergen, the immediate environment (where particles are concerned), as well as on the end-user. Product samples that pass certification testing are granted a certificate stating that the particular non-disinfecting hard surface spray cleaning product meets the requirements for the asthma & allergy friendly™ ASP:09-01 Certification Standard.

The Non-disinfecting Hard Surface Cleaning Products Standard includes:

  • Evaluating the capability of the cleaning product to remove bio-allergen from a defined surface
  • Assessment of airborne allergen and particulate matter following cleaning
  • Determination of toxicological profile of cleaning product
  • Assessment of cleaning product where emission of volatiles and particle analysis are concerned.

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