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Testing for asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification subjects Bedding Items to both physical and chemical testing to ensure that they do not have properties that are likely to irritate both asthma and allergy symptoms in susceptible people. All certified items must exhibit the following characteristics:

  • The outer encasing, an integral component of the Bedding Item, must provide an effective barrier to the passage of allergens including house dust mite and pet dander
  • Allergen accumulating on the outer surface of the Bedding Item must be removable by laundering in a standard washing machine at the temperature and duration recommended
  • The Bedding Item must have the ability to withstand the recommended care instructions at the indicated frequency for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty
  • The outer fabric of the Bedding Item must be ‘breathable' in order to ensure user comfort
  • The Bedding Item must not contain chemicals or materials known to trigger allergenic or irritant responses when present above certification levels

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